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Coming to Winnipeg


Prepare for life
in Canada
Before You Arrive
Canada Border
Services Agency
Services Online
Pre-Arrival SOPA
PASS for Nurses
FAST - Online
Employment Preparation

First Steps in Winnipeg

Apply for your Social Insurance Number (SIN)
Apply for your Manitoba Health Card
Opening a
Bank Account
Manitoba Start
Manitoba For
Winnipeg Bus System
Driving in Manitoba
Manitoba Public Insurance
Car Seats
Keep Your Kids Safe
Weather in Winnipeg

Life in Canada

Welcome to Canada
What You Should Know Booklet
Get to know Canada
Permanent Resident Card
Canadian Citizenship Information
Canadian Identity
and Society
Your Rights & Freedoms

Meet the JCFS Settlement team


Questions and Suggestions

If you have questions regarding work, the labour market, preparing for employment,
and/or immigrating to Winnipeg's Jewish Community, please feel free to contact us.

If you know of other useful job search websites and resources, let us know,

so we can share them with everyone.

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